We Don't Wanna...

67 min
No. 11111-4-000443
2-part film  <Production Documentary + Short Film>

The first half introduces 5 aspiring teenage actresses and follows them as they work to achieve their dreams.
The camera captures the reality of their triumphs and struggles in their day-to-day lives as they learn the art of acting. Their friendships and conflicts bring them closer and help them grow both as actresses and as people.
The second half, “We Don’t Wanna...”, tells the story of 5 high school girls who resent having to become adults. In opposition to having to think about their career options post-graduation, they embrace their dreams and embark on a journey they’ve called the “We Don’t Wanna Grow Up Tour”.

As a whole the film paints a poignant image of teenage life, documenting the impressive growth shown by the youthful girls in their journeys both real and fictional that resonates with viewers.

[Cast & Director]
Cast: Shino Takeuchi, Koko, Kanae Hirohashi, Miyabi Mizuhara, Ami Yuki
Director: Yu Katsumata



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