Werewolf Game Lost Eden

30 min x 10 eps / 107 min + 109 min
No. 11111-5-000426

Werewolf Game is a survival suspense title which is based on an old European party game “Werewolf Game.”
10 students are forced to gather at a place and they become either Villagers or Werewolves.
Players vote to kill someone.
The TV series shows the details of this mind game.
First broadcast in Japan is January 2018
(Feature film “Werewolf Game Inferno” will be released on April 7th, 2018)


Hiromi wakes up and is locked up in an unknown room with 9 other classmates. On the monitor in the room shows “Werewolf Game begins”. They become either “Villager” or “Werewolf” and vote to kill someone in the bloody “Werewolf Game”.


[Cast & Director]
Cast: Rena Takeda (“Poetry Angel”)

Director: Shinya Ayabe


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