YAGAMI: The White Collar Delinquent

30 min. x 11 episodes (inlcuding 1 spinoff episode)
No. 11111-5-000454

This is a story about the business and non-business lives of the businessmen who work at Matsushiba Electronic, a household appliances maker of long history. Yagami, age 33, is the section head in Matsushiba’s Product Development Planning Division. One day, his boss calls him over, and he is suddenly promoted. Yagami’s new job title is “Assistant. Section Chief Deputy in Training”. Confounded by the awkward title, Yagami nonetheless devotes himself to work, meeting challenge after challenge and creating comedy wherever he goes.

©Eiji  Nonaka/Kodansha   © "YAGAMI: The White Collar Delinquent" Production Committee