30 min. x 10 episodes
No. 11111-5-000455

Hundreds of years ago, on a blue planet far away, there was a city called Oedo, which was different from, but appeared very much like the city of Edo. Oedo was a lively city full of all kinds of people.
Yuta, a blacksmith apprentice, was an ordinary citizen who wanted to help others, but was pathetically weak.
One day, he meets the city’s famous inventor, Gennai. Gennai gives Yuta his creation, a steam-powered armor which makes the wearer dozens of times stronger than normal.
Meanwhiles, the evil secret society Shimavaran is slowly closing in on the city of Oedo.
With the help of the steam-powered armor, Yuto becomes the hero Steampunk to fight against Shimavaran.

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