The Legend of Siren X

70 minutes
No. 11111-2-000197

Diabolic Temptation

A shooting crew of a sexy late-night show, "Mystery Report: Mini-skirt expedition", is driving a van up a road in the mountains. Mami, the reporter; Hayami, the director; Yamada, the cameraman; and Yohei, the assistant, arrive at a lake and start shooting. When a sudden rain shower hits the crew, they are forced to pack it up and stay at a plush hotel that they coincidently find.

The crew is welcomed by a mysterious and beautiful hostess, Reika. As it stops raining, Mami storms out of the hotel after having a dispute with Hayami. Hayami and Yohei chase her, but she hitches a ride and gets away.

Reika appears in front of Yamada, who had stayed at the hotel, and boldly begins to seduce him. As they make love, Reika on top, Yamada begins to spew white fluid from his mouth and Reika sucks his spirit out of him.

Hayami and Yohei, terror stricken after witnessing this, quickly get on the van and head back to Tokyo. The two promise to never mention about this incident, but soon enough, Reika finds the two men living in fear in Tokyo. How will they escape from Reika's irresistible sensuous temptation?

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