The Legend of Siren XXX

71 minutes
No. 11111-2-000221

The Legend of Siren -the ultra-popular erotic horror series
Siren, the shady lady from beyond this world, sucks the life out of men…

In a rural port town, Kenji Ishikawa runs a barber shop together with his new wife, who speaks very little and has mysterious eyes to match her amorous presence. Running the shop isn't easy as hardly any customers come...

One evening, a man comes to the shop, as if lured by the faint hum of the wife. As the man takes a seat, Kenji exits his shop. The wife then gently fingers the man’s neck...

"Want to do me?"

The wife's whisper unleashes the young man's desires. Behind the closed curtains of the shop, the man and the wife madly copulate like beasts. As the man reaches his climax, something goes wrong -his moans of pleasure abruptly turn into cries of anguish... and then he dies...

Rumors go around that those who enter the barber shop never return...
Takuya and Kazumi, a couple whom Kenji has known since he was a child, hear the rumors. Unable to resist his interest in Kenji's young wife, Takuya disappears off to the couple's barber shop for a "hair cut."
What is the secret of the wife...?!

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