The Road Less Travelled

104 minutes
No. 11111-2-000303

A boy learns the vital lessons in life,
   through a journey derived from his lie.

The original book is written by Yasushi Kitagawa , which has sold more than 120,000 copies collectively in Japan and Taiwan. The Rotterdam Film Festival award winning director,Tomoyuki Furumaya ("Bad Company") captured the subtle emotions of the youth beautifully.

Kazuya Kouzuki is an ordinary 17 years old high school student in Kumamoto, who has the tendency to tell lies to fit in with his friends. When his friends were discussing about Tokyo, he couldn't help but make up stories about his visit. Although he has never been to Tokyo before, he swears to bring the photos after the weekend to prove himself. By pretending to visit a future university, he is given money by his mother and reluctantly sets off for Tokyo.

However, this simple plan goes wrong due to series of events, which results in him missing the plane home. As he decides to sleep over night at the airport, a middle-aged shop assistant Masami calls out to him.
Through several encounters, Kazuya realizes what's important in life and also learns to face his true-self.

This is definitely the No.1 must-see film of the year for young adults and also their parents alike!

Gaku Sano
Kaoru Sugita (Oh! Oku)
Issey Ogata (Yi Yi: A One and two)


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