It's a Beautiful Day

78 minutes
No. 00000-2-000304

Blood, Gore and Unreasonable Violence –
           But this is not a typical “slasher” movie by far...

A group of exchange students travels to a lonely country side of Los Angeles on vacation. However, Ah-joong, the only Korean student of the group feels out of place within the Japanese students, who cannot or would not speak English. Meanwhile, white-trash serial killer brothers are searching for Ah-joong and others with axe in their hands...

Mysterious brothers continue on with their merciless murder rampage. Fresh blood gashes out as the hysterical cries echo through the remote province.
This film will take unexpected turns and will not let you rest from the beginning till the end.

Starring: Kim Kkoch-bi ("Breathless")
               Akihiro Kitamura ("Human Centipede")
Director: Kayoko Asakura

"This film is so glistening that it spoils for a fight.
Even if you don't want to take it up, you cannot take your eyes off.
Hope you can make it back alive!"

-Daihachi Yoshida (Film Director "Permanent Nobara", "The Kirishima Thing")

"This is a movie full of love and peace.
If it spreads the love and peace around the globe, the world will turn out to be much better, seriously."

-Sion Sono (Film Director "Suicide Club", "Cold Fish")

Official Selection
- Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2013
- MOTELx Lisbon International Film Festival 2013
- Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2013
- Monster Fest 2013
- Osnabruck Festival of New Japanese Films 2013

- Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2013