74 minutes
No. 11111-2-000319
One day, the zombies realized that they are running out of humans to eat.
In year 20xx, the world was plagued with zombies.

Human race was on a verge of extinction and clock was ticking for those who were still alive.

When a young male protagonist, Toshiyuki (Ryouta MURAI) was running alone from a horde, he comes across a safe house. The place seemed like a paradise, with endless food supplies and other humans for a company. However, to Toshiyuki's horror, he soon realized that the real nature of the place was to breed humans so zombies won't starve to death!

Toshiyuki was paired up with a girl named Mitsue (Nagisa ODAJIMA). Although things are very awkward between them, Toshiyuki is aware that he is slowly falling in love with her.

Is this the last sanctuary or sugar-coated hell? As emotions and speculations entwine, the "Human Farm" is facing a bloody fate.

The most pleasurable way to survive in the Zombie-filled apocalypse!



Starring: Ryouta MURAI (Kamen Rider Decade)
               Nagisa ODAJIMA 

               Shinya NIIRO
               Atsushi MIZUTANI
Director: Naoto TSUKIASHI


Official Selection




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