BOYS: 92 mins / GIRLS: 98 mins
No. 11111-2-000365

A new genre of Horror “DOROME” will be released next March. This youth entertainment horror, starring Koseki Yuta and Aoi Morikawa is directed by Eisuke Naito of “Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club(2012)”, “Puzzle(2014)” and the upcoming “Litchi Hikari Club”. In a cursed high school, 2 stories (BOYS part & GIRLS part) link together to create an utterly new horror sensation!

[About the film]
DOROBUSHI high school for boys and SHIRAN high school for girls are going to be adjoined to become a mixed school. To commemorate this, drama club from both schools are going to have a winter camp for the preparation of the new play. However, something strange happens and the play practice begins in a little awkward atmosphere.


The director Eisuke Naito is very excited about the new genre of horror which mingle a bittersweet love story and the new monster creature “ DOROME”. As fear and mystery entwine, the most horrifying yet comical 3 days feature a mix of horror and humor will definitely intensify your enjoyment of both precisely because of the contrast.

Starring: Yuta Koseki (TV Series "I'm sorry youth!", "Ashita Ni Nareba")
              Aoi Morikawa ("TOO YOUNG TO DIE!", TV Series"Prison School")

Directed by: Eisuke Naito ("Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club”, “Puzzle”, “Litchi Hikari Club”")



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