96 minutes
No. 11111-2-000366

This is a story about a group of teen girls seeking their chance to succeed as idols! 


One day after LinQ finished their live performance, Sakura and other members of LinQ were told that the group will have to split up shortly. As a member of the idol group, Sakura feels that she is too ordinary comparing the other girls and is completely at a loss. At the same time, Kana, Sakura's high school junior and also a member of LinQ, asks her to join the performance at the school festival. Throughout the rehearsal process, Sakura realizes that she wants to keep being as a member of LinQ. Sakura goes straight to their manager Suzuki and finds that other members are also there. Suzuki divides the group into 2 teams and asks them to accomplish an unimaginable task. Can they complete the tasks and prevent the spilt?


[WHO IS LinQ?]

LinQ is a Fukuoka based Japanese idol group formed in April 2011. Their name LinQ comes from the expression of "Love in Kyushu" given in the hope that they can serve as a bridge between local region and foreign country through their activities. They collaborate with local enterprises and become several faces of the government campaigns aiming to support local community revitalization. They perform at Best Hall every weekend and also throughout Japan. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, they will hold a special event at ZeppFukuoka on April 17th, 2016.




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