81 min + 89 min
No. 11111-2-000371

Yakuza, gangs, mafia, politicians, police are all involved and the biggest CONFLICT has begun!



Japan's biggest Yakuza group, Tendo-kai. Leader of the affliated Hyodo group gets killed. Kazuo Washio (Hitoshi Ozawa), the leader of Washio-kumi of Tendo-kai, is certain of the existence of Yoshinari Myojin (Show Aikawa) behind the murderer of Hyodo. He is the former assistant of the leader of Tendo-kai and currently takes leadership of the mafia and gangs, etc. At the same time, Washio is ordered from Tendo-kai 5th leader Katsushige (Hakuryu) to take Nagisa Toyama (Akane Hotta) under custody. Washio moves together with his henchmen, Okita (Yasukaze Motomiya), Date (Hideo Nakano), and Kurata (Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi), but are attacked by a group of armed youngsters. They finally get Nagisa to their hide-out and finds out that she is the key person of the fight to get the rights of “Tokyo Casino Plan.”

Due to this, Yakuza, Mafia, gangs, police, the nation are all involved, and the biggest conflict is about to begin…