Summer Breakers

112 minutes
No. 11111-2-000372


It is the way everyone has passed---first love, walking of the self, friendship breakup, bittersweet parting.

The  10-year-boy's adventure during summer on a Japanese remote island.

Unexplored nature, a secret base on the shore, and the 8 millimeters video camera which he got from his father.

This film vividly describes children living in the present age with a touch of good old atmosphere.




A boy named Shun was very keen on film-making with a video camera from his father during summer vacation.

While he was looking for a heroine, he bumped into a stunning beauty named Yui, fell in love with her at first sight and then scouted her.


"I'm a film director. I'm gonna make you an actress!"

"What? Are you making fool of me?"


What was going on the bizarre relationship between Shun and Yui?

What was coming up against their destiny?






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