Angel in a Library

108 min
No. 11111-2-000413

A touching story which connects books to people and heart to heart, from a Reference Service at a library.



After graduation University in Tokyo, Sakura returns to her hometown and starts working as a librarian as a Reference Service Staff. Her rational thoughts caused many conflicts between her colleagues and her boss, which made her struggle at work.

One day, an old lady Reiko visits the library. Reiko shows Sakura a very old picture of a couple standing in front of a shrine. Since Sakura likes reading maps, she takes Reiko to the place where the old picture was taken, without letting Reiko say anything. Sakura feels she finally found something that she could do within her current job, and goes to visit many places with Reiko as she brings different pictures of different locations. Reiko reminds Sakura of her grandmother and she starts to feel the need to do something especially for Reiko. Reiko gradually starts to like the small trips with Sakura as it brings back memories.

Although Reiko had promised to go on a small trip with Sakura, Reiko did not come to the library. The next day, a guy comes to meet Sakura saying he knows Reiko…


[Cast & Staff]

Cast: Fuka Koshiba “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

Kyoko Kagawa “Shall We Dance”

Ryusei Yokohama “Kiseki: Sobito of That Day”

Director: Atsushi Ueda “Cherry Blossom Memories”


© 2017 “Angel in a Library” Production Committee