Care Nin – Thank God You’re Here –

105 min
No. 11111-2-000414

What is care? What is life all about? 

A funny, moving and feel-good story about a young man who becomes a carer

and discovers profound meaning in his work

and the importance of making connections with people and community. 



Kei Omori (a 21 year old male) has just become a care worker. Kei feels no real sense of purpose in life when he enrols in a nursing college after graduating from high school.  After finishing his nursing training, he starts work at a small geriatric care facility outside Fujisawa City in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.  He finds it difficult to communicate with the residents with dementia which distresses him.   He is assigned to look after a 79 year old woman with dementia Keiko Hoshikawa.  With help from senior staff members and through his own hard work, he finally establishes a friendship with Keiko.  He started his job with a “whatever” attitude but now, just as he is discovering real meaning in his work.  Now he has to face Keiko’s final days…


[Who is “Care Nin” (Carer)?]

Care Nin represents all the people who live and work with pride, love and passion for their roles as carers, nurses, medical practitioners, rehabilitation trainers and so on.   




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