The Edge of Sin

120 min
No. 11111-2-000438
Incident, or accident? His dead daughter was best friends with the devil.
Why did his daughter die?
The shocking truth causes her father to go crazy in this ultimate psychological suspense thriller.

The deadliest showdown in movie history!
The shocking film adaptation of the Yasei Jidai Frontier Literary Award-winning novel!

At a famous all-girls school, a girl falls to her death from the classroom veranda.
Why did his daughter die? Was it suicide? An accident?
Behavioral psychologist Ando berates himself for failing to notice the changes in his daughter.
Then, beautiful Saki appears, weeping over her classmate’s death, and Ando learns that his daughter kept a diary.
In reality, Saki was a cruel and cunning demoness who manipulated teachers, students, and police to rule the school with an iron fist.
To wash her hands of the crime she committed, Saki tries to frame Ando.
Ando, guided by the truth in his daughter’s diary, plots his revenge against Saki.
But Ando, who loves his daughter so much he loses control, finds himself cornered...!

The suspenseful tale of a father’s heart spiraling into insanity, the dark intentions of high school girls, shocks and extremes, egoism and parental bonds, crime and punishment are all woven into this psychological thriller!!
Leading man Seiyo Uchino, the “Family of the victim” in pursuit vs the “Victim” he chases, young actress Miyu Yoshimoto, face off with heady suspense that shatters all preconceptions of crime!
[Cast & Staff]
Cast: Seiyo Uchino (“JIN (FINAL)”)
Miyu Yoshimoto (“HiGH & LOW THE RED RAIN”)
Director: Yuki Otsuka (“Flare” “Soup umarekawari no monogatari”)


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